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Plastic Stemware

This beautiful and elegant line of Acrylic Stemware is one of our most popular collections. With the industry warranting inexpensive but quality stemware, we rose to the challenge. You can stock any bar with our full line of stemware. Our elegant 10 Ounce Acrylic Wine Glasses are crystal clear and will add a touch of elegance to any event.

With all of the different flavors of margaritas available to try, they will all look great in our 12 Ounce Plastic Margarita Glass. Whether poolside or at the bar, these break resistant Tulip Shaped Acrylic Margarita Glasses will come in handy. Need some recipe ideas? Try some of our favorites listed here… Margarita Recipes. (Continue…)

  • Margarita

    Classic 12oz Plastic Margaritas as well and Super Margaritas
  • Martini

    Mini Martini's as well as Classic 10oz Plastic Martini Glasses_
  • Wine

    An elegant plastic 10oz Wine Glass

Another rage are flavored Martinis. Our classic style 10 Ounce Acrylic martini Glass is a terrific way to highlight any martini on your menu. From the classics to the fun new flavors, this striking Plastic Martini Glass will add dimension to any martini served. Make several recipes and hold your own Martini tasting. Serve in our 2 Ounce Mini Martini glass, vote on the winner and make a huge batch for the party! Some of our most popular Martini Recipes, may be one of your new favorites!

Looking for a new fun way to get the crowd going? Our jumbo 42 Ounce Super Margarita glass will get any party started!! Fill this Jumbo Plastic Margarita Glass with your favorite cocktail, add several straws and let the party begin! For extra fun add some Novelty Straws to your novelty Giant Plastic Margarita Glass!

Tooters Stemware: an affordable and classy way to increase beverage sales or leave a lasting impression on your guests. To order any of our Acrylic stemware or to find out more about our drinkware, call us toll free at: