About Tooters.com

John Lingo worked for years at many Walt Disney World restaurants. Of his many accomplishments, one that stands out is taking from concept to fruition the The Empress Lilly Riverboat Restaurant. It featured nine lounges and restaurants on three decks. It launched in April 1977.

Always the innovator, Mr. Lingo knew that presentation and packaging are the keys to success in the hospitality industry.

That intimate understanding of the industry led to the birth of the Tooters test tube shooter in the mid-1980s in Brevard County, FL.

Mr. Lingo originated the idea of using test tubes as a vessel for serving shots. He, personally, sold glass test tubes door-to-door to bars and nightclubs, along with serving trays, filler bottles and drink recipes. The pitch: presenting shots in this way would create fun and excitement for the customer, and help establishments make more money as a result.

The concept was an immediate hit.

The business consistently grew. The Tooters test tube shot soon became a national sensation.

Tooters soon merged with a local concern, Quality Imprinting. This union enabled the Tooters test tube, which had since gone from glass to quality, disposable plastic, to be customized with printing. Custom imprinting better served the needs of food and beverage buyers as they could now promote their establishments or an event using the test tube shooter.

As the business grew, so did the product lines. The company offers full lines of cost-effective, fun, non-glass drinkware and accessories, both imprinted and blank, for bars, restaurants and special events such as family reunions and weddings. Most items are available in various sizes and colors. Many of them are made in the USA.

Tooters Promotions, the operator of Tooters.com, is a unit of Lingo, Inc., based in beautiful Cocoa, FL in the heart of Florida’s Space Coast.

In 2015, Lingo, Inc. purchased the assets of a company specializing in blow molding. This will allow Tooters Promotions to manufacture its own plastic fish bowls of all sizes and shapes as well as to create new and unique specialty products requiring blow molding. In addition, this purchase will allow Lingo, Inc. enter new markets. The company will now manufacture blow molded plastic products for use in the pet supply, candy and confection dispensary businesses, plus retail environments for the likes of Sam's Club, Costco, BJ's Warehouse, etc.

Lingo, Inc. and Tooters Promotions are fanatical about providing quality products and exceptional customer service. Should you need any help, our Customer Service staff is ready to assist you.

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