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Plastic Bomb Shot Cups

Tooters plastic bomb shot cups truly bring people together as bomb shots are often enjoyed in groups. These are great for parties, and even better for restaurant and bar owners looking to shave costs.
Sometimes called Jager bomb cups, these disposable cups save your staff time and you money. They are one-piece durable plastic construction...(continue)
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Disposable clear, red, green and blue Bomb Shot Cups Disposable Bomb Shot Cups 100 count - BOGO

Disposable bomb shot cups available in clear, red, blue or green - BOGO

... with two separate chambers, a smaller one for the shot within a larger chamber meant for the energy drink or mixer. Gone are the days of a heavy shotglass hand-set inside a larger glass (whoops…careful not to spill any of the shot while dropping it in). Say goodbye to spillage, breakage and…chipped teeth.
Our disposable bomb shot cups have a 7/8 oz chamber inside a 2.25 oz outer chamber. Available in green, pink, blue and clear. Stackable and disposable, these are a must have for any venue serving bomb shots!
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