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For over 30 years Tooters Promotions has always been a leader in great customer service and high quality drinkware. Over the years, our line of products has grown to include a variety of plastic shot glasses. We offer everything from plastic yard glasses to cocktail shaker sets.

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Drink recipes

When you plan your next party, make sure you include some amazing cocktail recipes using our plastic shot glasses, injectors, and drinkware.

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Jello Shot Injector Syringe small 1 oz 100 pieces 32 Hole Lighted Shot Tube Rack
1 ounce blank jello shot injector 32 hole round lighted test tube rack shown with assorted test tube shooters

Small Jello Injector Syringe holds approximately a 1 ounce jello shot

Round Plexiglas test tube shooter tray with center light unit. Light unit available in clear or multi color changing unit

Disposable Bomb Shot Cups 100 count Tiki Glass Stackable 26 oz 12 glasses
Disposable clear, red, green and blue Bomb Shot Cups Plastic stackable tiki glasses

Disposable bomb shot cups available in clear, red, blue or green

Fun and festive 26 ounce Stackable Plastic Tiki Glass

24 oz Half Yard Glass Blank 10 glasses Shot Glass Traditional Plastic 1.5 oz 100 glasses
Plastic yard glasses 1.5 ounce blank plastic clear and neon shot glasses

24 ounce Plastic Half Yard glasses

1.5 ounce plastic shot glasses, available in clear or four neon colors